About Us

Dynamic Driving School has been teaching driving and motorcycle riding to a wide audience from High school students to senior citizens, and companies that operate fleets of vehicles since 1997. 

We offer innovative Instruction on theoretical and practical aspects of driving. We are a driving school dedicated in helping you learn and accomplish your goals in a safe and fun manner.

When you select a driving school, choose one you know that has the genuine qualified experience to teach you .



Our Philosophy

Safety & Responsibility are at the core of all our Driver Training Programs.

We believe that driver training should take place in vehicles incorporating up-to-date technological developments.

We use all sorts of interactive devices and new technologies, as we feel that the best way to learn anything is by having fun. Our classes are actually quite entertaining, which leads to a higher retention of the content learned.

We will help you acquire excellent driving skills, so you can become a safe and responsible driver.


Nicholas Goldminc

Dynamic Driving School owner and founder Nicholas Goldminc is a longtime resident of the North Shore and participant in many of its community programs.

A long time lover of all things, aeronautic & mechanized, Nick joined the 103 Thunderbird branch of the North Shore Air Cadets at the age of 13.

Prior to opening the Dynamic Driving School Nicholas was a successful instructor on the North Shore. He also was one of the very first driving instructors to gain accreditation for teaching the Graduated Licensed Program or GLP since its inception in 1998.

In 1996 he earned his pilot licence and then went on to earn his commercial pilot licence in 2000. He has since returned as a civilian flight and simulator instructor also flying Helicopters.

His pilot training has allowed him to apply innovative teaching techniques not usually used by traditional driving schools.