Rider Training Program

We offer the following training programs

The total time of training for the full course is 12 hours and the 6 hour course is for experienced and conversion licensing riders. If you have and want to learn on your own bike that can be arranged please contact us. Helmets and Motorcycle are provided by the school. Items needed to bring to school by you will be a pair of boots that cover the ankle and protective jacket and gloves, leather always best denim ok

Novice Riders Course

This course is designed for new riders who have little to no experience with motorcycle and scooter riding. The course will cover these exercises to develop the skills and knowledge needed for safe and responsible riding and of course to succeed at passing the Motorcycle Skills Test.

- Pre-trip Check
- Controls of the motorcycle
- Hand signal
- Pushing and Balancing
- Mounting & Dismounting
- Riding Posture
- Braking
- Walk with the motorcycle
- Slow Riding
- Acceleration & Deceleration
- Shifting (for motorcycle)
- Turning
- Tight-Turning
- Slalom
- Sudden Stop
- U-Turn
- Figure 8

On Road Course

This Course is for the novice rider who has passed an MST and is ready to progress to road riding or any experienced rider perhaps from other jurisdictions countries etc looking to convert to a BC motorcycle license.

- Turning
- Signals and Hand signal
- Balancing
- Lane Positioning
- Yielding
- Shoulder Checking
- Lane changing
- Scanning
- Space  Margins
- Anticipation
- Survival Attitude Rider Psychology
- Speed Maintenance
- Intersections
- Hazard perception
- Hill starting
- Highway
- Parking