Driver Training Programs

We offer the following training programs

Our packages are tailored to your own specific needs, for example if you have a car at home you might want to practice on it, should you not have a car, you might need to drive in our vehicle to acquire more hours for your total experience .


Driving Only Packages

You maybe a new learner driver with no experience and would like to gain the right driving habits. You have waited the mandatory 12 months to take your road test, but are unsure that you are actually competent enough to drive a vehicle to pass the test. Or you might be a foreign driver that wishes to acquire experience on B.C. roads. Or you might want to take a refresher course before you head to your Class 5 road test. We offer 4,6,8,10, and 12 hours driving packages please contact us directly to ask a few questions so we can tailor and select the right course that meets your needs!

Our trademark Mini Cooper is equipped with touchscreen monitors with driving video on board. This is a very useful teaching aid as it helps address different driving scenarios on the spot. By having this device in the car, students can much better relate to a given situation shown in a video. They can connect immediately to actual situations on the road, as they watch the video in the car.


lndividual Driving Lessons

We do offer individual driving lessons on an hourly basis. You might not necessarily be interested in our complete packages, even if these represent a great deal of savings for you.

Please contact us to further assess your specific needs.

Defensive Driving Course

We do offer a Defensive driving course tailored to experienced drivers either for brushing up on everyday driving habits and behaviours or for commercial purposes Police, Fire, and Paramedics drivers. Please contact for more information


Senior Drivers Course

 This is tailored specifically to senior drivers either for brushing up on everyday driving habits and behaviours as well as road testing preparation for reassessment .Please contact for more information.